Giuseppe Sofo: Handbook for the (mis) education of grown-ups


What if children educated adults? With these illustrated tips (and others you might like to add) you can finally (mis)educate the grown-ups, by teaching them to rediscover their inner child!

Warning: this book may cause laughs, joy, serendipity, unexpected and unforeseeable behaviour, such as jumping around the house, or trying to fly from one chair to the next.

Giuseppe Sofo – is a researcher in French language and translation at the University of Ca’ Foscari in Venice. Author of narrative and travel books, he was also a teacher in several kindergartens and schools in Europe and in the U.S.A.

Eleonora Marton – is an Italian illustrator living in London. Her work focuses on and takes inspiration from the magical, romantic and ironic aspects of the everyday. She has published two children’s books, DIY ABC (Cicada Books, 2016) and Bigger (Cicada Books, 2017).

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Illustrazioni: Eleonora Marton

Lingua: italiano e inglese

Anno di pubblicazione: 2009

ISBN: 9783944858487

Rilegatura: Brossura

Pages: 48