Shaun Levin: The Writing Notebook, City


The only way to write a book is to write it. The Writing Notebook, the fi st notebook for writers and explorers of all levels, is both a guide and workbook. It offers writing prompts and activities, suggestions on structuring your book, and enough blank pages on which to write it.

With description workouts, list-making exercises, a reading list, and ideas for cover design, you’ll never be at a loss for inspiration wherever you are.

Each notebook has a different topic:

1. The Writing Notebook: Family will help you unravel and bring to life any family drama. Here you’ll find the inspi ation to explore your own ancestry, write a vast family saga spanning generations, or tell the story of a wildly

dysfunctional family.

2. The Writing Notebook: Food will steer you through writing a book on any culinary subject, whether it’s a cookbook, a food memoir, a book about a specific in redient, or a sumptuous novel.

3. The Writing Notebook: City you’ll be able to write about your time in any city, a novel set in a real or imagined city, or a book about a specific place, be it Paris, Mumbai, or Buenos Aires.

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